Nel santuario – Patrick Williamson

copertina patrick

Nel santuario – Patrick Williamson

The Ongoing Shock of Reality

It was only this year that I noticed how, when I travel to England, I begin to focus on the minutiae of nature, and what a very British habit it is. From poetry to porcelain, the manifestations of British culture through the centuries are a constant reminder of just how deeply the awareness of natural detail is rooted in the collective psyche, including that of town-dwellers of several generations’ standing.
The first thing that strikes one about Patrick Williamson’s latest collection is just how much of a nature poet he is, and just how British. Intense, accurate detail is the foundation on which he has based this series of meditations, and is used both to unleash and channel a variety of emotions in which nostalgia and yearning remain predominant.
Williamson’s sonorously evocative images, in the construction of which abundant use is made of alliteration and assonance, act as triggers, pierce the reader’s consciousness as they can be assumed to have pierced the poet’s, and are the “concrete evidence” which serves as a starting-point for the far more evanescent narrative which informs the poem. After forcing itself on the senses, reality, as it were, is picked up and morphs into the narrative which carries the poem to its conclusion.
(from the preface by Anne Talvaz)


The yew

cannot be touched
its height surveys all

its bark lies in strips
on the rotten earth

its berries splat red stuff
its kernel is poison

the yew has withstood
tempests, war, foulness

its needles say
words are mere gusts

its roots converse
with the bedrock

it sought the light
it found shade.



Latch the shutters, the black oak
cloaked by shadow –
slump into armchairs, stoke
the coals, and skewer
crumpets. The good days.

Mostly, entrenched,
I rifle Penguins,
a dusk of brutal crime
keeping at bay that
anger burring through the lock;
the split, the why, mouth-shut.

Stare out at the sward
pushed about, attracting
two bloodied eyes,
a third eye, drift
leaves, drizzle, nothing.



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